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Die neue Photo-Website von Google unter photos.google.com ist inzwischen mehrere Monate online, ohne dass sie sich entwickelt oder verbessert hätte. Die Editierfunktionen sind rudimentär und nicht mit den Möglichkeiten in picasaweb.google.com zu vergleichen.

Dort kommt man nämlich noch an die Editierfunktion und alle weiteren Details von plus.google.com heran. Dort gibt es das Gespenst der alten Pracht.


Nachtrag (Beitrag auf G+ zum Thema):
They could have changed the look, add the new features and keep the old functionality, instead of abandoning all the good and valuable.   
That's not progressive, and seriously not conservative, that's stupid doing things for the sake of doing things.
"Oh, we have to change it, so get rid off everything, make it very easy, less options, only a few features, so the people who liked the complexity will run and instead we will attract a bunch of simple minded who will feel comfortable with the restrictions. That will attract the masses." 
As if the masses are dumb morons. If it's too complex, make it easy without abandoning the variety, think hard, be ingenious, be . 
Progress isn't about being different, isn't revolution in a mandatory way, you only need revolution in cases the invaluable past sticks like glue and stays in the way of a better future. Progress must be improvement. 
And looking at society and thinking about the admiration people like Trump and Carson aquire, the way of the morons will be THE WAY is the wrong turn. It's the way of the Lemmings in the proverb, a suicidal way. Don't do that, . You look dumb.  
I am not a professional photographer, I'm an amateur. I liked to brush up my photos without having them to load into Photoshop or some other large sized tool, hassle-free handling, automatic upload from the phone, easy copying the SDcard from the DSLR into G-Drive, and sharing them. Showing people places, my country, what I'm cooking and baking, my garden, the animals and the beauty of the universe. Not as something forcing me to do some extensive work, but as a tidbit of life. Not like Instagram, bragging with views I had, or some photo blog needing attention and maintenance, no it was part of the micro-blogging on G+, easy, but powerful, convenient, but intriguing. Now it's just nice, like a stuffed pet. 
And using picasaweb and the edit via G+ link to get the old functionality shows that it is still there, still working, but you force people to click through a lot of links to get there. That's sick. Just plain madness.

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